Living Waters

“Where can I go to share my pain and struggle? Will anyone listen to me? How can I find hope in my struggle? I’m alone and afraid to tell anyone what’s really in my heart.”

Such thoughts and questions plague many Christians. The discipleship and prayer ministry of Living Waters addresses the roots of sexual and relational issues that ensnare Christians into unhealthy living. Living Waters provides a thoughtful and safe place to look at the ways we’ve become ensnared. Through weekly times of worship, teaching and small group prayer, our program leaders walk with participants in their struggle so they can live in freedom and truth. 

Living Waters Training for Leaders, 2016

July 23-29, 2016
Our only Kansas City training in 2016!

Join us for an excellent opportunity to receive healing and equipping for effective ministry to the sexually and relationally broken. Desert Stream Ministries staff and our best leaders from around the country will be leading this training.
Living Waters is an in-depth healing, discipleship group for the whole church, Catholics and Protestants. The program lays a biblical foundation for sexual and relational wholeness. This includes integrating and strengthening who we are as men and women, freedom from sexual addiction and longstanding patterns of sin, healing from abuse and childhood trauma and more! 
The  Living Waters Leadership Training is the first step towards offering a group in your church community! The main emphasis of our time together will be personal healing for you. In learning to enter into the healing process together we can learn how to heal others. As we share the experience of being set free in the depths of our souls, we are better equipped to lead others into healing ministry. Training is required in order to be a group coordinator.  

Who is Eligible?
You don't have to be a leader to participate! Are you someone who has been looking for a place for healing? Have you wanted to participate in Living Waters, but don't have one in your community? Are you a Christian leader who would benefit from a safe atmosphere to look at some deep areas of pain or addiction? Perhaps God is calling you to help those in your parish struggling with same-sex attraction, the impact of abuse or addiction? You may be a friend or family member of someone dealing with sexual issues? Their brokenness has become yours, and you need healing too. 

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What's Taught?
Participants will become familiar with the recently revised Living Waters program and the 20 lessons in the guidebook Living Waters: Restoring Relational Integrity Through the Broken Body of Christ. This is an intensive training, including a shortened experience of the program with small and large group participation as well as practical instruction. The primary focus of the training is personal healing.

Workshops will be taught on a variety of issues such as: 

  • Listening Prayer Ministry and Leading a Small Group
  • Understanding Sexual Abuse
  • Understanding Sexual Addiction
  • Becoming Trustworthy: Integrity & Boundaries for Leaders

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