peter kockelman: Man of Steel

Peter Kockelman attends Menlo Church Mountain View with his wife and family. He is a co-founder of Men Pursuing Purity, the men’s sexual purity ministry at Menlo Church. He is the president of a local steel construction company, where he makes strong buildings and strong employees. Peter's ministry has arisen from his deep healing and freedom from the grip of pornography. Pete's personality is like steel alloy: a mix of unbreakable passion for life and a sweet humility in the presence of God. 


Craig Lauchner: Mighty Tower

Craig Lauchner attends Menlo Church Mountain View with his wife. He is the current coordinator for the Falling Forward program. While Pete bends steel with his bare hands, Craig scales tall buildings with a single step, and works as an innovation consultant and attraction designer. Craig's healing gifts flow from his struggle overcoming homosexuality. He holds a certificate in Trauma and Abuse Recovery from the Allender Center, and a degree in ecouragement from the school of bless-everybody-you-meet.


Mike Mckenna: Big Chief Red Hair

Mike Mckenna has been serving in the Falling Forward program for many years as the teaching coordinator.  He has a passion for helping men understand the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of sexual addiction and the tools it takes to overcome it. While Pete is bending steel, and Craig is bounding over buildings, Mike tinkers with words and ideas to create interactive teachings that aim to expose the negative root issues that drive addiction, so that they can be healed, while wondering where Pete and Craig have gotten to. Mike is the sixth best guitarist in the world. 


David alvarez: international man of healing

Known for his infectious laughter, thundering back-slaps, and impromptu singing, David serves as the River Church’s Community Life Pastor. He provides leadership to the prayer and healing ministries, men’s and women’s ministries, and family ministries. Often found in glamorous hotspots like New Zealand and Italy’s Cinque Terra expanding David Alvarez International Ministries (DAIM), David is passionate about “preparing God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up…” He says, “I love seeing people step out in faith in the area of prayer and in being vulnerable with one another. So much healing takes place when we overcome our fears and trust God with our lives and the lives he has called us to touch.” Prior to joining The River in 2001, David served with Desert Streams, a ministry to the sexually and relationally broken.


Tom Bartunek: Tireless Soldier

Tom Bartunek helped with leadership in the Menlo Church Falling Forward program for many years before launching the program at South Bay Church, where he is constantly looking for ways to bless and promote healing for men and women. Tom has been serving in Bay Area churches for decades, only taking breaks to eat great food with good friends.