Tech Protection

Covenant Eyes

Many have come to rely on the layer of protection provided by Covenant Eyes, which does much more than prevent access to triggering content: Covenant Eyes gives a trusted accountability partner a share of the responsibility (the covenant) in monitoring your online activity. When your online behavior gets too close to the line, your partner will be alerted to check in with you. 

Multi-Platform: desktops and mobile ... individual / family subscriptions

R Tribe

By a team of experts (Recovery Tribe) with over 20,000 hours of experience in recovery, therapy, and healing from porn/sex addiction. stay connected to your accountability partners, track your recovery, and learn what it takes to find freedom. Built by addicts, for addicts.

Mobile apps (IOS; Android) ... free to try; monthly / annual subscriptions


By the pastors at, another blocker/accountability tool to limit exposure and build the kind of community that helps us do right. 

Other solutions (For Techies, etc)

Our leaders have tried a bunch of solutions, including on complex setups (roll-your-own setups like Linux, etc.). Your leaders can put you in touch with the nerds who have found tech solutions for their context.


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Regular email encouragements from our friends at Gather Ministries.

Local duo Justin and Jennifer Camp run Gather Ministries, the online hub for their exceptional writing ministry. Each produces a short-but-powerful email devotional: one for men, called The Wire, and one for women, called The Loop. Sign up below for a bi-weekly email blast. 

The Wire for men

The Loop for women


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