Falling Forward Frequently Asked questions

You probably have some questions about Falling Forward.  Hopefully this FAQ will answer most of them.  If not feel free to contact a Falling Forward leader with your additional questions.

What is Falling Forward?

Falling Forward is a 22-week support group for men struggling with sexual addiction. We believe that Jesus is the answer to any sin including the sin of addiction to lust. We use our textbook "Falling Forward" (written by Craig Lockwood), scripture, interactive teaching, listening prayer, and small groups to the root issues of sexual addiction and begin the healing process.

What does an evening of Falling Forward look like?

We start our evenings with worship at 7pm for about 20 minutes, which is followed by any general announcements and/or testimonies from Falling Forward leaders or participants.  After announcements we move into what we call “large group time”.  This is where we have an interactive teaching related to the chapter reading for the week in our text Falling Forward. We try to keep the teaching time to 40-45 minutes.  After large group time we have a 5-10 minute break and go into “small group time” for the remainder of the evening.  Small group time is where you meet with your Falling Forward leader and your core group of men.  Your small group will be formed on the first night and will remain static throughout the 22-weeks.

When does it start?

See the calendar section of this website for dates for the next Falling Forward program, start times, and location.

We have two 2-week breaks during Falling Forward.  A complete schedule will be given to you on the first night.

When is my application due?

Your application is due two weeks before the start of the next Falling Forward program. Some late submission will be allowed, based upon space available and are accepted on a case-by-case basis.  

Submit your application early to ensure your admittance to Falling Forward.

What happens after I register and submit my application?

Once we receive your application it will be reviewed and then given to a Falling Forward leader who will contact you for an in-person interview.

All Falling Forward participants must complete an in-person interview before being accepted into the SALT program. The in-person interview is designed to learn more about you and to make sure that Falling Forward is right for you. 

Where does Falling Forward meet? what day and what time?

Falling Forward meets at the Open Door Church offices located at 1451 Grant Road, Suite 102, Mountain View, CA 94040

We meet every Wednesday evening starting at 7pm (sharp!) and end at 10pm. Depending on your small group your small group my go longer than 10pm but you are not required to stay later than 10pm.

What if I can't commit to the full 22 weeks?

Everyone accepted into Falling Forward must be able to attend a minimum of 19 of the 22 weeks.  In other words, if you think you will be absent for more than 3 sessions, we suggest that you do not attend Falling Forward.  A major part of the program is building trust and intimacy, especially in small group time, so keeping the small group membership consistent is critical.

How much does it cost?

The entire 22-week program is $250.  This covers the cost for all materials and any other resources required.

What if I can't afford it?

A limited number of scholarships are available for those who cannot afford the cost.  We can work with you to arrange a payment plan too.  Contact a Falling Forward leader for information about this.

Can I pay with cash, check, debit, PayPal, or credit card?

Cash or check only please.  We will tell you who to fill out your check to on the first night.

I just completed MPP (Men Pursuing Purity 8-week program).  How is Falling Forward different?

Falling Forward places much more emphasis on your commitment to the group and building trust and intimacy.  We will not allow participants to come and go each week like in MPP, your small group is always the same, and the materials we cover are much more in depth.  You will be required to come prepared each week (having read the homework, reflected and answered the questions) and will be encouraged to risk more in sharing deeply and honestly during your small group.

What can I expect on the first night?

The first night we will introduce the leaders, explain the additional forms you will fill out, have some worship, do some other general announcements, and then break into small groups for introductions.

How much homework will there be?

That depends…  Other than the first night, you will have at least one chapter of reading and answering questions in our text Falling Forward each week. The total length of time you spend depends on how deeply you reflect on the chapters and complete the questions.

It is highly recommended that you do not finish your Falling Forward homework the night before or the day of our meeting.  Those who get the most out of Falling Forward spend quality time during their week reading the chapter, answering the questions, and reflecting on the topic through prayer, meditation, or talking with others.  We’ve seen major healing come about as a result of this program, but there will be work involved on your part.  It works, if you work it!