The pursuit of purity is one of life's great adventures.


Pure Adventure California is a hub for ministries in California's Bay Area (and beyond) that create communities of healing and strength for men and women who struggle with purity in the area of sex and relationships. We are here to support you in this fight for purity, and equip you for one of the great adventures of life. 

To get you started, download this comprehensive review of the most current and reliable peer reviewed research on the harmful effects of pornography, from non-profit Fight The New Drug (

We have a God-given hunger within us. It is
a hunger for a life of holy love. But how is it possible for us to love well, when the world's media and marketing departments are determined to toy with our desires?

From a very young age, we are exposed to lies about love and sex. There is no question that distorted representations of sexuality are everywhere and come in many forms; there is no question that sexual addictions threaten our souls and relationships. The question is, “Are you ready to stand with others and claim the life that God promises?”. Are you ready to live courageously and love well? Are you ready for an adventure in purity? 

We can give in to our culture's expectations of us, or we can fight. God grieves to see the lies that lead us away from our created strength, that rob us of our glory as men and women fully alive. But God is also quick to move powerfully to help us. It is with his help that we learn to fight and love well.




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